A MAN has been jailed for making a phoney film to prove his innocence at a court case in Dudley.

Michael Masih left a number of bloopers in the dodgy DVD as he attempted to evade a careless driving conviction at the town’s magistrates’ court.

The 34-year-old was charged after a police officer spotted him doing a wheelie and driving at speed on his quad bike along the busy Stourbridge Road out of Halesowen.

Wolverhampton Crown Court was told he later filmed himself making the same journey omitting all the lawbreaking in a bid to prove he was innocent.

Kevin Jones, prosecuting, told the court when Masih handed over the film to the court the police officer who had been called to give evidence at his trial quickly became suspicious.

The officer was able to show the footage was fake by proving a new car in the film had not even been sold on the day in question and a coach had never left its owner's yard.

Other errors included a clock showing a different time to that logged by police and a hoarding advertising the sale of fireworks could not have been on display by law on the day Masih was seen driving without due care and attention.

Judge Michael Dudley told Masih: “The reality is this was a serious, determined attempt to pervert the course of justice.

"You were stopped for careless driving which is a relatively minor motoring offence but because you wanted to deny the charge you prepared a DVD of the route you followed omitting all the acts of carelessness."

Masih of Stag Road, Edgbaston, admitted perverting the course of justice and he was jailed for nine months and disqualified from driving for a year.

William Dudley, for Masih, said: "The offence is what it is and there is very little that can be said about it. It was an act of stupidity rather than malicious dishonesty.

"He simply did not comprehend the seriousness of what he was doing."

When he was stopped by the officer after doing the wheelie, Masih said: "I didn't mean to do it. It scared me to death. I have got kids. I should have been thinking better."