Four of the Fine & Country members were out and about in Mayfair, London, at the end of January when they attended the Fine & Country annual winter conference entitled  ‘The Confidence to Succeed’.

Tom Carter and Jamie Tulloch, of Mid Wales, attended alongside Chris Rees and Zoe Herbert, both of Wyre Forest, Severn & Teme Valley.

The venue was the Millennium Hotel, Mayfair and there were in excess of 160 members from the UK and overseas, including representatives from the Cannes office, one of the recent additions to the company's global presence.

Managing director of Fine & Country Malcolm Lindley reflected on the success of 2012, highlighting the fact that the company offers a service under the Fine & Country banner which is a business class service and should be sold as ‘just that’.

Richard Combellack, who heads up marketing, took delegates through the importance of knowing their constituency, measuring it and thus driving market share. He also demonstrated enhancements which are almost at the  ‘go live’ stage in relation to technology within the hub.

Members were  also pleasantly surprised to learn that the PR value generated from January – December 2012 was just over £6.5 million with an advertising value of just over £2 million.

This was achieved through media publications such as The Financial Times, Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Times and Sunday Express.

For the online audience the active Daily Telegraph iPad reaches 53,000 subscribers and enables Fine & Country to promote its vendors on a totally different platform.

All of the property portfolio will be advertised 24/7 in the Telegraph iPad app during the months of April, May and September.

There were a number of additions unveiled at the conference which will further strengthen the brand.

The key sales message was the old adage ‘Success is in the detail’