ARE you feeling a bit brassed off at the moment?

You are? Well, I can understand it with us coming to the end of the holiday season, the abysmal 'summer' weather and the long pre-Christmas slog at work stretching out in front of us.

There is, however, a way of shaking yourself out of those summertime blues. Simply get yourself down to Wolverhampton's Grand Theatre and enjoy their production of Brassed Off, adapted for the stage by Paul Allen from Mark Herman's original screenplay.

Many people will remember the original, much loved comedy-drama film of the same name. Released in 1996 it starred Pete Postlethwaite, Tara Fitzgerald and Ewan McGregor.

This stage version has been produced in-house by Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, it's first such venture for almost 40 years, and features many local actors and musicians including the Walsall born lead, Jeffrey Holland.

Brassed Off is set in 1994 and Danny, played by Jeffrey Holland, is the conductor of Gimley Colliery Band with a lifelong ambition to lead them to glory in the National Brass Band Competition at the Royal Albert Hall.

However, just as Danny's dream looks as if it might come true, Grimley pit is faced with closure and the future for the village community begins to look bleak. The morale of the band plummets and Danny struggles with the challenge of keeping them together.

Then, flugelhorn player Gloria (Clara Darcy) arrives in Grimley, bringing renewed hope and a touch of romance but who is she really playing for?

As the story unfolds there are moments of high drama and poignancy as well as laugh-out-loud comedy. Such an emotional roller coaster is a challenge for the cast but they handle it with aplomb, striking just the right balance.

As the Grand's Chief Executive and Artistic Director, Adrian Jackson, writes in the programme, Brassed Off is "... a story of real life - it's funny, it's moving and explores emotions and themes which are just as pertinent today".

It's not just the quality of the acting performances though that makes Brassed Off such a wonderfully uplifting experience.

The music, played live, is a joy and I say that as someone who would not normally choose to listen to a brass band.

The City of Wolverhampton Brass Band are marvellous in the role of the Grimley Colliery Band.

Wolverhampton should be very proud of them. Brassed Off is a very special production full of brilliant performances.

It's worthy of your support for a variety of reasons, including the 'Made in Wolverhampton ' pedigree, but most of all because you are sure to love every single minute.

Brassed Off runs at Wolverhampton's Grand Theatre until Saturday September 2.

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