WEST Midlands Police is reiterating its frosty morning warning to motorists who make their car cosy for criminals by leaving them running unattended to thaw out.

As overnight temperatures continue to drop, officers across the region are carrying out extra early morning 'frost patrols' to deter thieves and alert motorists who may be putting their vehicles at risk.

During recent patrols officers discovered one car running on the driveway, while the owner was inside taking a shower, while another was finishing his breakfast in his warm house.

Both men were warned by officers that their actions could have attracted opportunist thieves.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police, said: "People are waking to find vehicles frozen over and thinking they'll save time by turning the engine on and leaving it to defrost whilst they collect belongings or finish breakfast.

"They may only be a minute; but that's all the time opportunist thieves need to jump in the driver's seat and speed off.

"And insurance companies are unlikely to pay out in cases where a vehicle has been left unoccupied with keys in the ignition as they could deem the owner's negligence has led to the theft."