COPS in St Thomas’s neighbourhood of Dudley have been handed new powers to tackle anti-social behaviour in Kate's Hill.

A dispersal order has been granted after complaints about yobs from members of the community.

The order covers Price Street, St Johns Road, Highview Street, Peel Street, Oliver Close, Bishops Close, Grove Street, East Street, Cromwell Street, Watsons Close, George Close, Sharrington Close, Brereton Close, Leveson Walk and Leveson Close.

The order allows police to move groups of two or more people from the area if they are suspected of causing anti-social behaviour, and are also able to return anybody under the age of 16 to their home address between 9pm and 6am.

Anyone who repeatedly breaks the order, which came into force on January 13 and runs for six months, will face possible eviction from the area and further civil action.

Police officers will be on patrol in the area and have vowed to deal robustly with troublemakers.