TWO teenagers brutally punched and kicked a youth as he was with friends celebrating leaving school attack in a Sedgley park.

Lindon Turner and Matthew Collins left the 15-year-old boy with a broken cheekbone after the savage attack.

Samantha Powis prosecuting told Wolverhampton Crown Court Turner struck the victim in the face with a dog lead wrapped around his fist while Collins then kicked him as he lay on the ground.

She added Turner and Collins, now both aged 19, were identified and arrested after checks on an internet social networking site.

Turner of Mulberry Green, Dudley and Collins of Vicarage Road, Coseley both admitted causing grievous bodily harm.

Recorder Stephen Linehan QC sentenced them both to two years detention in a young offenders institution suspended for two years.

He further put them both on supervision for two years and ruled they must each pay £750 compensation to their young victim for his injuries.

Elizabeth Power, for Turner, told the court he had now got his life back onto the rails and he was determined to stay out of further trouble with police.