A YOUNGSTER’S dreams of becoming a singing sensation came true when she got behind the microphone at a Dudley recording studio.

Shannon Webb, aged 13, got the chance to record a song in a professional studio as a treat after she bravely battled a life-threatening illness.

In August last year she was admitted to the high dependency unit at Russells Hall hospital suffering from type one diabetes after experiencing sudden unexplained weight loss.

During her six-day stay in hospital Shannon, from Surrey Road, Dudley, told the Wishing Well project, which works with sick children at the hospital to grant their wishes, she loved singing and asked for the chance to record a CD.

Wishing Well stalwart Steve Ford tracked down Den boss Chris Smith who invited Shannon to his studios on Dudley Central Trading Estate, Shaw Road, to record a song called DNA by Little Minx.

Shannon’s mum, Clare Wenlock, aged 32, said: “She loved it, she was really nervous to start with but she sang it a few times and Chris said he didn’t have to do much tweaking because she had done such a good job.

“She did me ever so proud but she always does – she won Free Radio’s child of courage last year.”

Clare described how her daughter’s dramatic weight loss during her illness last year led to the diagnosis which means Shannon faces a lifetime of daily insulin injections and a controlled diet.

Mrs Wenlock said: “Her clothes were hanging off her, she was being sick and not eating. We were petrified, we hadn’t got a clue.”

As well as four injections every day Shannon also has to test her blood sugar levels before every meal, or if she feels unwell, by making a pin-prick in her finger.

Mrs Wenlock said: “She was petrified of needles but she has done fantastically and been really good.”