UKIP’s leader Nigel Farage went walkabout in Dudley during a rain-soaked visit to the Black Country.

Mr Farage spent the afternoon today (Friday) in the town's marketplace where he spoke to traders and journalists about his party’s plans to take the UK out of the European Union.

Mr Farage then moved on to The Britannia pub in Gornal before getting set for a public meeting tonight in Sedgely.

UKIP say Britain would be better off out of the single market, when questioned about the nearly £7m of EU investment in Dudley town centre redevelopment, he said: “What have people paid into the European Union?

"There are lots of other ways of getting regeneration without the European Union giving you money and telling you how to spend it.

“There are lots of tales of cities all over this country that have been regenerated with private money.

“I don’t buy the argument getting some of our own money back is a good deal.”