MOTHERS staged a nurse-in at Merry Hill to show solidarity for a 25-year-old woman who was allegedly kicked out of a sports store for feeding her child.

More than 20 supporters of the Free to Feed group stood outside the Brierley Hill shopping centre's Sports Direct store for two hours to raise awareness for a woman's right to feed in public without discrimination.

It follows reports that staff at Sports Direct's Nottingham store allegedly told Wioletta Komar that she could not breast feed her baby in store because it was 'against company policy'.

Free to Feed, which was established by Emily Slough, the woman branded a 'tramp' for breast feeding her daughter in public recently, encouraged mums to stage nurse-ins across the country to show their support.

Rachael Doré, a mother-of-two, from Dudley, organised Friday's nurse-in with help from fellow mums, Leanne Sheppard and Emma Parkes.

She said: "I personally got involved as I've got a 10-week-old daughter, Nancy and I was new to breastfeeding. It had received a lot of bad press so I was nervous to feed in public for the first time because of all the negative comments."

The 29-year-old nurse added: "This was about encouraging mums and to raise awareness about a person's right to feed their baby however they want to, wherever they want to without discrimination and persecution."