PARENTS are demanding the resignation of bosses at a Dudley borough school in a row over pupil safety.

Hurst Hill Primary School in Paul Street, Coseley is in crisis according to members of the Hurst Hill Parents Group who are calling for headteacher, Caroline Dingle, and chair of governors, Cllr Sue Ridney, to stand down.

The group, which was formed around six weeks ago and saw 20 people turnout for its last meeting, argues senior staff ignored cases of bullying between pupils and even told children not to tell their parents about problems – because it may upset them.

A parent of a year five Hurst Hill pupil, who did not wish to be identified, said: “My child was bullied for eight months, suffering verbal and physical abuse.

“We all know bullying goes on but it is the lack of acknowledgement, there is a lack of communication, my child was distraught.”

Angry parents also claim security at the school is lax and people have been able to walk into the school unchallenged, they also say children are regularly unsupervised in communal areas like cloakrooms.

Parents group chairman, Karl Stevens, aged 45, said: “I don’t trust my child is being looked after. You would not put up with it in the workplace, why should our children put up with it at school? We are legally bound to send them.”

On May 1 the school issued a statement denying a pupil had been found with a knife after around 30 children were withdrawn from the school by worried parents.

The statement said: “School staff and governors take seriously their responsibility to ensure the safety and right to learn of every child in our school.”

Cllr Ridney refused to make further comment on the parents group’s allegations.

Caroline Dingle said: "We can reassure all parents that the safety and supervision of all our children is a priority as we work to ensure pupils are able to prosper and enjoy their time at school.

"We are aware that a very small minority of parents have expressed recent concerns and we continue to offer all parents the opportunity to come and speak to us about any concerns so they can be resolved as swiftly as possible. We also have a robust and agreed complaints procedure that parents are encouraged to follow."