A BUNGLING burglar left cops a series of clues at crime scenes including a bloodstain at a house in Dudley.

Careless Wayne Porter raided a house on The Broadway and stole a £250 TV but left the blood behind which enabled police to trace him through his DNA.

The house was unoccupied at the time after the death of the owner's mother and 29-year-old Porter, from Hagley Road, Birmingham, left with the TV which he sold to fuel his drug addiction.

Porter also broke into a house in Oldbury where he had a sock on his hand to avoid leaving fingerprints only to leave it behind when he made off with over £5,000 worth of goods.

The sock carried his DNA and once again police were able to quickly identify Porter.

The hapless house breaker, who had only been released from prison a few days before the Dudley burglary, was jailed for four years at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

Porter admitted four burglaries and was told by Judge John Warner he had to be locked up to “keep him out of the way”.