A NETHERTON computer expert who shared his sickening collection of child pornography available to other perverts has avoided jail.

At Wolverhampton Crown Court, 61-year-old Andrew Waddell-Tillbrook was told his “utterly repellent” behaviour had shattered his previously blameless life.

Judge Phillip Parker QC said it was plain that in conversations with other sick internet users Waddell-Tillbrook had talked about his interest in children and he had been "turned on" by the abuse of youngsters.

The judge told Waddell-Tillbrook: "Your perverted secret world was discovered when you were arrested. Your wife came to know for the first time what you were doing behind her back."

It was plain, said the Judge, Waddell –Tillbrook, of Park Road, admitted ten charges involving the possession and distribution of indecent images of children and he was placed on supervision for three years.

He was further banned from ever working with children, made the subject of a five year Sexual Offenders Protection Order and told he must register as a sex offender for the next five years.

Tom Walkling, for Waddell-Tillbrook, said there was evidence that his client - a man of previous good character - was ready for rehabilitation.

He stressed that rather than sent him into custody for a short spell it was in the best interests of the public for him to receive treatment to ensure there would no repetition of the offending.

Mr Walkling added Waddell-Tillbrook acknowledges there is a problem and since committing the offences three years ago there had been no further problems.

Laura Culley, prosecuting, said police officers went to the home of Waddell-Tillbrook and seized computer equipment containing 1,174 indecent images of children and six pornographic movies.

The images ranged from level one to level five which is the worst category, said Miss Culley, who told the court Waddell-Tillbrook had made some of the photographs available for distribution.

She said like minded people would ask him for the password to the sites and they were then able to access and share the pornographic material.

The judge made it a condition of the supervision order that Waddell-Tillbrook attends the Sex Offenders Rehabilitation Programme.