PLANS are afoot to create a memorial dedicated to a Woodsetton man who was hailed as one of the fathers of the industrial revolution.

Abraham Darby, who was born in 1678, is famed for finding a new, quicker way to produce iron.

He developed a method of producing pig iron in a blast furnace fuelled by coke, rather than charcoal.

After reading about the man who “had achieved so much”, Woodsetton resident Mandy Caddick felt he deserved recognition in his hometown, so contacted Councillor Keiran Casey to see if something could be done.

Cllr Casey shared Mrs Caddick’s enthusiasm and the pair soon set to work on the project.

Borough artist Steve Field has put together three possible designs for the monument - depicting a blast furnace and pig iron workers - which would also feature wording, explaining who Abraham Darby was and what he did.

“I think that all the designs are great,” said Mrs Caddick.

“They would all be a fitting tribute to the achievements of a great man.”

Although the project is still “in the early stages”, cllr Casey said a feasibility study is now under way to find the best location.

Two sites are being looked at - the corner Parkes Hall Road and Wrens Nest Road and a site on Sedgley Road, where it meets the Birmingham New Road.

Cllr Casey said the latter would “act more as a gateway feature”, but added: “We will obviously have to wait and see whether this is feasible.”

The pair have also been busy contacting local businesses to get them on board to help with funding and materials.

Any businesses that want to be involved should email