BLACK Country comedy act The Fizzogs have jetted off to New York to showcase their Dancing Grannies act to new audiences in the Big Apple.

The Fizzogs have been wanting to make a trip to the US for some time – having notched up a good few fans in America after a video of their grannies routine went viral on Facebook.

On arrival in the States – they aim to perform their now famous flashmob to unsuspecting New Yorkers in Times Square.

They’re also expecting to be joined by busker The Naked Cowboy who performs wearing just a pair of briefs and his guitar.

The Fizzogs, comprising Deb Nicholls, Jacky Fellows and Sue Hawkins, tweeted “And weem off!!” as they flew out this morning (Monday September 11) for their American adventure – funded, in part, thanks to a crowdfunding appeal and from donations made at their ‘Black Country Fairy Tale, Ay It’ shows.

Dudley News:

The girls, who showcased their comic grannies act at the Bahrain Grand Prix earlier this year, say they hope to spread their love of the Black Country as far afield as they can and to showcase their popular grannies act to an even greater audience.

To keep up with their antics in New York check out Fizzog Productions on Facebook.