QUICK-THINKING forensic police officers at a West Midlands police station have donated 15 heat lamps to Dudley Zoo following a drugs raid.

Members of Halesowen’s forensic team handed over the bulbs which were seized from a cannabis factory earlier this year.

Zoo chief executive, Peter Suddock said: “We had a phone call from Halesowen Police Station asking if we would take them and we jumped at the chance.”

He added: “Every animal section uses heat lamps and the bulbs are quite expensive to replace, so we were very happy to have them.”

The lamp bulbs are set to be used across the Castle Hill site in aviary hatcheries, reptile houses, small primate enclosures and the animal hospital.

Halesowen PC Nick Slym, who took the lamps to the zoo, said: “It is usual practise for everything to be destroyed following a raid, but due to health and safety complications surrounding the disposal of these bulbs, members of our department suggested contacting the Zoo.

He added: “We are very pleased they will be put to good use.”