DETECTIVES hunting the murderer of a Quinton student are continuing to follow-up possible sightings of the 56-year-old across South Warwickshire.

Police said they are pleased with the public’s response to appeals for help to find Alan Giles, who absconded from HMP Hewell on Monday (October 28).

Giles was serving two life sentences for the murder and kidnap of 16-year-old Quinton student Kevin Ricketts in 1995.

Detectives leading the investigation sent a large TV Advertisement Van out onto the streets of Alcester, Inkberrow, Studley and Wixsford yesterday.

Displayed on the large TV screen on the back of the Ad Van was a photo of Giles and all the information the public need to know about him and what they should do if they see him.

Officers are also visiting caravan sites and making house to house inquiries.

Specialist search teams, including dogs and the police helicopter, continue to be used in the man hunt.

Detective Inspector Leighton Harding said: “We are very grateful to the public for their help so far and are continuing to follow-up on a number sightings of Giles in the South Warwickshire area.

“We believe the Ad Van may help us reach people who have not picked up our previous media appeals and hopefully one of these people will call in with the vital information that leads to Giles’ return to prison.

“If anyone spots Giles we would ask that they call us immediately so that we can respond to the call straight away – any delay in contacting us, even if it’s just to take a little time to get home, may mean we lose the opportunity to capture Giles if it is actually him who has been spotted.

“Please do not approach him, call us on 999 or 101 as soon as possible.

“We still believe Giles could be sleeping rough in woodland or farm buildings and we would appeal to dogwalkers, farmers, gamekeepers and others to keep their eyes peeled and stay alert”.

Giles is described as white, 5 ft 9 inches, with short grey hair and blue eyes. He has a scar on the right of his forehead and another small one by his left eye. He has tattoos of an eagle on his back and a swallow, shark and flower on his left arm.

The murder of Kevin Ricketts in 1995 was one of the most grisly in West Midlands crime history with the body of the student, who was the brother of Giles’ ex-girlfriend who had dumped him, not being found before the trial.

Giles contacted the police and revealed the whereabouts of the body which was subsequently dug up in the garden of an Edgbaston house in 1998.