A LIVE stage comedy adaptation of cult children’s TV show Knightmare is returning to Brierley Hill next year.

Audience members will also get the chance to don the helmet of justice and take on all the dungeon has to throw at them.

Knightmare Live, after wowing fans in April this year, will be on at Brierley Hill Civic Hall again by popular demand on Thursday March 8, with tickets on sale now.

The original show, which involved a team of four children given the task of traversing a medieval environment as they attempted to complete a quest and exit a dungeon, aired on ITV for seven years from 1987 to 1994 and has held cult status among its fans ever since.

The adventure game show saw one child take the role of the sightless dungeoneer, and the remaining three acting as their guide as they used their wits to overcome puzzles, obstacles and the unusual characters they meet along the journey.

Knightmare Live stays faithful to the show, but also promises a fair smattering of laughs and audience participation along the way.

Promoter Wayne Beese, who is bringing the show to the Black Country under his Live At The Civic series, said it was not to be missed.

He said: “I was a massive fan of Knightmare as a kid. I remember rushing home from school on Friday afternoons to make sure I was back in time to watch it just after 4.30pm.

“I always used to hate it when the bell tolled at 5.10pm and time froze for another week until the next episode.

“We put it on for the first time in April and nearly 400 people came along to see what was a superb and hilarious show. If you loved Knightmare, you will absolutely love this. Even if it was before your time, there is still enough there to make it a hugely enjoyable and original experience.

“People will get the chance to get on stage and play the dungeon as they try and get the upper hand on Lord Fear and his evil cronies.

“If you watched the show as a kid and always thought you could do a better job, here is your chance to come along with a few more years of experience under your belt and prove it.”

The 90-minute show is said to also be suitable for children, although parents are warned there may be some mild swearing due to its improvised nature.

Tickets are available for £10 at www.bhillcivic.co.uk/whats-on/comedy.