A DUDLEY man who raided and ransacked his mother's home before confessing all on Facebook has been spared further time behind bars.

Judge Michael Elsom told 26 year-old Scott Westwood, of Stourbridge Road, it was patently clear he had "provided evidence against himself."

He said Westwood richly deserved to go back to prison adding: "There are some aspects of your life that merit you being given a further chance."

The judge said everyone fell out every now and again, but told him: "What they don't do is take it out on other people."

Wolverhampton Crown Court heard how Westwood smashed property in his mother's Laurel Road home and escaped with watches, jewellery
and electrical goods before writing on Facebook: "I can't believe what I have done! I got spiked .I went on one. Now I have just woken up thinking about what I have done. It's the lock-up for me. I reckon that's the case. Sorry to all. I deserve whatever I get."

Mr David Lees prosecuting said Westwood had been living at the house but after a "falling out" was asked to leave by his mother.

He then burgled the property while she was out, smashing her crockery and pictures and leaving rooms strewn with  broken glass.

Westwood admitted burglary and was given a 12 month jail term suspended for two years coupled with two years supervision.

Mr Earl Pinnock defending said Westwood, who was further told to attend the Alcohol Education Programme, committed the offence after some "domestic angst.”

He told the court that Westwood, who had been held in custody on remand since his arrest, had also alerted the authorities about his wrongdoing.

"There had been a history of family difficulties and they had a bearing on his behaviour this day. Drugs and alcohol were also part of his problem” added Mr Pinnock.