A DUDLEY man and two women who robbed a student of his mobile phone and coat and threatened one of his female friends with a broken bottle have been jailed for over seven years.

The student was punched by Matthew Nock after he and Lisa North had asked him if he had any cigarettes, Mr Paul Reid prosecuting told Wolverhampton Crown Court.

When the student stressed he had none he was asked for money and it was then 35 year-old Nock struck him on the face and head.

The young man dropped his coat as he tried to get away as one of his female friends pleaded with Nock to stop the attack but 29 year-old North held the broken bottle and told her to "shut up".

Nock then took the phone from the student's pocket while 34 year-old Jane Slater took the coat he had dropped, the court heard.

Nock of Church Street, North of Northfield Road, Netherton and Slater of no fixed address all pleaded guilty to robbery and Judge Michael Elsom told them only substantial sentences of custody were appropriate.

He jailed Nock for 30 months, North for 33 months and Slater for 24 months as he told them all it was accepted it was an "unplanned and opportunistic offence."

The court was told the three defendants were quickly arrested by police and the recovered by officers after it had been slipped underneath a parked car.