AN abandoned Staf fordshire Bull Terrier has been rescued from an empty council flat in Sedgley after being found living in its own filth.

The dog is thought to have been left in the Springfield Grove property after the owner moved out at the beginning of December and was only found after neighbours heard noises coming from the flat over recent days.

Dave Simmons, who lives in the flat above, said: “The smell from the flat has been terrible for days, but I heard noises which sounded like the bathroom door was opening on Thursday and again on Friday night, when I decided to go and look.

“I went into the yard and saw a little window open, which I went to look through and saw a dog looking back at me.

“The floor was covered in urine and faeces and smelt like a human toilet and there was no food or water. The dog didn’t even have the energy to bark.”

The RSPCA, police and Dudley Council attended and the dog was removed from the property and put into the animal charity’s care, but as the News went to press the flat had yet to be cleaned by the council, with the foul smell continuing to overwhelm neighbours.

Mr Simmons, who has lived in the block of flats for the last three years, said he has repeatedly reported concer ns about anti-social behaviour in the vicinity to Dudley Council but to no avail.

Bill Etheridge, UKIP’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Dudley North, who has supported Mr Simmons’ plight, said: “Over a period of eight months Mr Simmons has tried to get this situation resolved with no joy.

“We now have a council flat that has been badly damaged, needs a deep cleaning and a dog very nearly died through cruelty.

“It is important that the council take their role seriously so that we can avoid this kind of unpleasant situation being replicated.”

Councillor Khurshid Ahmed, cabinet member for housing, said: “A four-week notice to terminate the tenancy was given on November 9 and the keys were handed in to the council on Monday.

“In the meantime, on Saturday, our out-of-hours team was contacted by the RSPCA and access was given for them, along with the police, to enter the property to remove a dog.

“Now that we have been made aware of issues following the dog’s removal we have prioritised an inspection to arrange for the property to be cleaned appropriately.”