A DUDLEY martial arts centre is settling into a new town premises after problems with drug users around its previous premises forced the move.

James Moclair, who has run the Tai Jutsu Kwai Martial Arts Centre in Dudley for the last 18 years, reopened the facility in the upper floor of Plaza Malls, after relocating from the top of the town last month.

The instructor, who has been teaching for more than 30 years, said he was left with no choice but to find alternative accommodation for his school, which he feared would fold if he remained there any longer due to prolific drug use in the vicinity.

Mr Moclair, who is this year marking his 50th anniversary since starting martial arts, said: “It’s been hard work getting it ready, as I was working 16 hours a day making sure everything was redecorated and ready to go.

“But it has been worth it and the support we have received from the public over the last few weeks has been great. It was definitely the right move for the club, as we are now in the heart of the town.”