AN ANTIQUE fairground business has purchased a traditional organ to enhance the authentic experience for visitors at the Black Country Living Museum.

Black Country Leisure Ltd owners, Matthew and Lisa Jones, who run the Old Tyme fair at the Tipton Road Museum, secured a £45,000 Lloyds TSB Commercial funding package, to expand the fair and buy further attractions.

The new 1910 replica organ would have been the traditional musical accompaniment to fairs at the time and will feature alongside a restored Brooklyn Cakewalk ride dating back to 1910 and an authentic Helter-Skelter.

The couple have also added a new sweet stall and are purchasing a 1940s traveller wagon and vintage lorry.

Matthew Jones, whose family started travelling with the fairs in the early 1900s, said: “We wanted to enhance the nostalgic Black Country experience which we aim to create throughout the museum and fairground.

“Purchasing the organ is the perfect addition to the site as they were regularly featured at fairs like this in the early 1900s, creating an upbeat musical atmosphere.”

Margaret Short, relationship manager at Lloyds TSB Commercial, said: “Black Country Leisure is a hard-working family business which has created an authentic historical experience through its dedication to bringing the past to life for visitors.

“When Matthew and Lisa approached me with their plans for growth I could see that new attractions would be a great asset to the fairground, extending what is already a very entertaining site for visitors.”