DUDLEY'S Mayor had grit and determination aplenty when he joined the borough's team for responsible for keeping the roads moving during the cold snap.

Councillor Melvyn Mottram, together with councillor Judy Foster, joined Dudley Council’s gritting teams last Thursday (January 24) to help grit the streets.

Starting at Lister Road waste depot in Netherton - the teams took the pair around the borough to see for themselves how the roads need to be treated in some of the winter’s worst conditions.

Councillor Mottram, Mayor of Dudley, said: “The dedicated staff at Lister Road are a committed bunch of people who go to extraordinarily lengths to keep our borough moving. They are out in some of the most extreme conditions of snow and ice and have to predict when the gritters will be required and prioritise the routes that need attention.”

Councillor Judy Foster, cabinet member for transportation, said: “It has been a privilege to go along with the crews and see just how they go about making sure all of the routes stay clear in the winter weather. I really enjoyed the experience and can truly appreciate the hard work of the teams.”

Dudley has a 40-strong gritting team, based at Lister Road, tasked with keeping more than 470 kilometres of road clear during severe weather.