A TEENAGER had been told to expect life behind bars for the horrific murder of a man in Sedgley.

A jury at Wolverhampton Crown Court took just one hour and twenty three minutes to convict Shylon Wishart, aged 19, of killing Shane Watson in July last year.

Mr Watson was punched and kicked by Wishart and James Cartwright, who then urinated on his body, put a cigarette out in his mouth and took mobile phone pictures which they later showed to friends at a party.

Judge John Warner told Wishart: "There is only one sentence I can pass, it is just a question of how many years you will spend in custody."

Wishart, of North Springfield, Sedgley, showed no emotion as the four-man eight-woman jury delivered a unanimous verdict.

Cartwright, 18, of Sandyfields Road, Sedgley, has already pleaded guilty to the killing, both men will be sentenced at a date to be fixed.

During the seven-day trail, Peter Grieves-Smith, prosecuting, told the court the attack was gratuitous violence and only the two defendants knew the reason why Mr Watson, aged 23, was attacked and then left dying in Greenway alleyway.

Mr Grieves-Smith described the attack as "brutal and cowardly" followed by the humiliation of Mr Watson who had his trousers and pants pulled down around his ankles before photographs were taken as he lay prone on the ground.

The jury rejected Wishart's claims he struck out at Mr Watson in self-defence after he and Cartwright got into an argument with Mr Watson after asking him for a cigarette.

Mr Watson's body was found by his mother and girlfriend, the court was told Wishart and Cartwright had taken Mr Watson's phone and shown callous indifference to calls from his worried girlfriend before finally telling her and his mother: "Your man is dead at the bottom of the alley".

Jane and Steven Watson, Shane's parents, said: "Shane was a fun loving, family orientated man. He always acted as a peacemaker and would actively avoid trouble and do his best to calm situations down.

"I struggle to put into words the scene that I was faced with when I saw Shane lying by himself in the alleyway. It would be any mother's worst nightmare but it is a reality for me.

"I relive the images in my head everyday and cannot erase the painful memory of seeing Shane and hearing the voices of the people responsible for such a nasty, cruel and degrading attack.

"The people responsible took his dignity, his life and my only son. We both idolised Shane, he was the single most important person in our lives and to see him so badly hurt has devastated us beyond words."

Wishart was remanded in custody until he is sentenced.