A KATES Hill man claimed his car had been stolen because he did not want to tell his wife he had lost all his money gambling.

Dawid Dytlow, aged 22, told police he had been attacked and robbed when he had, in fact, sold the vehicle.

As a result of his false complaint two men were arrested and held in custody for several hours for questioning.

Dytlow’s barrister, Mukhtar Ubhi, told Wolverhampton Crown Court: "Things got completely out of control. He hoped to mislead his wife about where the money had gone."

Mr Ubhi said: "It was his wife who made him go to the police. Lying to his wife led to him lying to police. He had gambled away the money and it was gambling that cost him his first marriage."

David Lees, prosecuting, said Dytlow told police he had been injured by the robbers as they took his car but the bruising and grazing he showed officers came from a scuffle he had with a cousin.

He added ten police officers worked on the investigation for 24 hours before it was discovered that at the time of the bogus robbery Dytlow had been in the casino gambling.

Mr Lees said Dytlow maintained his Honda car together with money and documentation had been taken by the robbers and he gave police a detailed description of the crime.

He said he met the two men and they made off with the vehicle while he was giving them a test drive. Then, when officers later saw the men in the car which had been bought legitimately, they were arrested.

After his arrest Dytlow, of Greenpark Road, said he had lost all his money gambling and it had left him with serious money troubles.

The father-of-three, a man of previous good character, admitted perverting the course of justice. Judge John Warner said the offence was so serious only immediate custody was appropriate and Dytlow was jailed for six months.