A BABY whose Pensnett parents say could not wait to be in the world has finally come home.

Tiny Daisy-Mae Little was born three-and-a-half months early and her fight for life has captured the hearts of thousands of people.

Her father, firefighter Wayne Little, started a page on the social network Facebook to update friends and family about his daughter’s progress and her story has so far attracted more than 14,000 likes.

The latest updates on the page show the pictures all Daisy-Mae’s new friends wanted to see, her arrival at home after 108 in hospital.

Wayne said: “It has been like climbing a mountain, when we got home it felt like we had reached the summit of that mountain.

“It was a lovely feeling, we had made it to the top but we were feeling quite exposed, there is still a risk of infection and apnea.

“We nicknamed her the girl who couldn’t wait. The last three months have been terrifying, heart wrenching and full of prayers and hope. ”

Before Wayne and his wife Jennifer brought their baby home the couple spent five days living at Russells Hall hospital learning how to cope with their daughter’s medical needs.

She weighed just 1lb 14oz when she was born on December 1 and was around four-and-a-half pounds when she came home on March 18.

Wayne said: “This still doesn’t prepare you for the shock of being at home, shutting the door and realising that is it. We have got an army of friends and family to call on for support although we have to be careful not to have too many people round. People are really understanding.”

The family’s story has become a regular news item the press and they have appeared on local TV and radio.

Wayne said: “With the story on Facebook it is unbelievable how many people have responded to it, people have identified with it, they have seen a small, vulnerable child and felt as helpless as we did as her parents.”

After Daisy-Mae was born she was transferred to the neo-natal unit at Wolverhampton’s New Cross Hospital where her parents spent six weeks living in a hospital flat to be by her side before she was returned to Russells Hall.

To say thank you to medics who saved their child’s life the couple and their supporters have launched a massive fundraising campaign which is already clocking up of pounds for Midlands neo-natal units.

For more details of fundraising for Daisy-Mae visit facebook.com/little.daisy.mae