A DUDLEY robber and his getaway driver girlfriend have been jailed after they targeted two vulnerable, elderly women for a street handbag snatch.

Judge Michael Challinor told Jordan Collins and Chelsea Williams they had clearly gone after their two Asian victims because they knew it was highly likely they would by carrying expensive jewellery.

"It was a very shocking and frightening experience for those ladies," he told the pair , who were also found to be in possession of 28 bullets and cartridges when they were arrested.

He said he was satisfied the ammunition was being held for "possible circulation in the criminal community" because Collins, aged 20, of Duncan Edwards Close, associated with far more serious lawbreakers.

The judge said it was plain 19-year-old Williams had been under the influence of her boyfriend but she was intelligent enough to have pulled away from the criminal activity.

"I am satisfied you were enjoying the thrill of a criminal lifestyle," he told Williams, who he stressed had tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the jury and himself with her lies during the course of her trial.

Collins admitted robbery, attempted robbery, possessing the ammunition and a small amount of cannabis and he was sent to a young offenders institute for three years.

Williams, of The Oval, Dudley, admitted possessing the ammunition.

She denied the robbery and attempted robbery charges but she was found guilty by the jury at the end of her trial and sentenced to two-and-a-half years.

Oliver Woolhouse, prosecuting, said the two Asian women were walking in the Blackheath area when Collins demanded, "Give me what you have got."

He then tried to grab the handbag of one of the women but he was unsuccessful and he was then involved in a tug-of-war with the second woman for her bag which contained £1,500 worth of property.

The woman, who managed to hang onto her bag, started using it to strike Collins about the head and he then leapt into a car being driven by Williams.

But a witness managed to get a partial registration number for the vehicle and days later Collins and his teenage girlfriend were picked up by police officers.

Delroy Henry, defending, told Wolverhampton Crown Court that Collins accepted it had been "disgraceful behaviour" adding: "There is no excuse whatsoever for what he did.”

He said Collins had been desperate for money and he knew at the time he could have gone to loved family members for help to ease his problems.

Glyn Samuel, for Williams, said her dreams of becoming a child carer had been shattered by the conviction adding: "The day of her arrest was the end of her relationship with Collins."

He told the court Williams was of positive good character and she had made the mistake of getting involved with "the wrong group of friends”.