DUDLEY'S first Love Music Hate Racism festival was heralded a huge hit after large crowds packed into the town hall to support the event.

The festival, on April 26, was organised by borough Trade Unions and Labour politicians and was one of three national Love Music Hate Racism festivals taking place across the UK.

Help was provided by Dudley, Sandwell and Walsall Councils together with support from unions Unison, NUT, GMB and local charities

Over 1,200 people attended the event where they saw bands perform on two separate stages.

Local Councillor and organiser Tim Crumpton claimed: "For a first time event, the number of people who turned out to support us was absolutely great.

"Of course you always want more, but that was a damned good number".

A large number of local bands took part with Brit Asian star Roach Killa providing the headline act.

Cllr Crumpton added: "It was a great opportunity for local bands to showcase their talent in front of a large audience.

"Most of the bands either performed for free or for little more than petrol money, but they did it because they supported the cause.

"Many of the people who turned up couldn't believe the event was free of charge and there are already plans to repeat the festival again, possibly on a two year basis".