CUSTOMER assistant Donna Brittle could be checking out of Tesco Express if her first novel continues to take off.

Her romantic tale 'Beautifully Unbroken' has already proved an on-line hit to the point where the 35-year-old from Milking Bank is already thinking of a follow up.

Donna has received rave reviews on Amazon with the novel going down especially well in the USA, where the book was published.

She revealed: "Although the book was self published, I had it edited and promoted in the USA where it has done particularly well.

"I won't know how many copies I have sold until the end of July, but I know it has gone down extremely well.

"I've had 23 reviews on Amazon, 22 of which have been five star, while the other was four. That's quite something.

"It's been quite a journey. There were a few things I wasn't satisfied with when the book was first edited. so I had them altered.

"I have to admit, I've been surprised how well the book has done, I never expected the amazing response it has already received and the great thing about 'Beautifully Unbroken' is the fact I can carry it on and create a spin-off from it".

Born and bred in Sedgley and a former pupil at Dormston School, Donna admitted she decided to write the book almost on the spur of the moment and started it 18 months ago adding: "My prime goal was just to get the book published, but the response has gone above and beyond anything I ever expected. Tesco are even considering stocking the book and have been very supportive.

"I was working at Tesco Express in Dudley recently when a woman came and tapped me on the shoulder and said she'd read my book and how much she enjoyed it. I've absolutely no idea how she knew who I was."

The book is available on Amazon, kindle, paperback and hardback plus on google play books.

Donna has also set up a facebook page dedicated to the book which can be found under the name of author D M Brittle.