PEOPLE at a Dudley community centre have created a lasting legacy to heroes who gave their lives in World War One.

A storeroom at Woodside Community Centre, Highgate Road, has been transformed into a World War One Remembrance Room which will be officially opened later this month by Dudley North MP Ian Austin.

The work was given a huge helping hand with a grant of £10,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

A total of 73 people from Woodside were killed during the war - a remarkably large number from one estate - which makes the Remembrance Room all the more important.

John Pestana, chairman of Woodside Community Association, said: "We're still in the process of putting memorabilia into the room, most of which has been given to us from the families of relatives who were killed in the war.

"One of the conditions from Heritage Lottery means the room must remain open for the next 20 years. That will make sure that anyone who takes over after me cannot close the room down".

Over 500 people have been invited to the opening ceremony which takes place on Saturday July 26, when Mr Austin will unveil a plague with all 73 names of the fallen on it.

There will also be a remembrance book available for visitors to sign.