DUDLEY Green councillor Will Duckworth was up early this morning supporting striking council workers.

Cllr Duckworth joined council workers at 6am today (July 10) at the Lister Road depot in Dudley to protest against cuts to public sector pay and pensions deals.

The strikers were among an estimated one million workers, including street cleaners, school workers, firefighters, refuse workers and support workers, who will stay away from work today.

Cllr Duckworth said: “|This is not about comparing public services to private employment. Every worker deserves fair pay, decent conditions of service and a secure retirement.

“I realise striking will cause a lot of disruption but it is the last resort of people whose pay has failed to keep pace with the cost of living.

“The government is attacking people who teach our children and clean our streets. If we want good standard of service we need to stand by these workers and support this strike”

Dudley Council’s deputy leader, Cllr Pete Lowe, is also planning to show his support for workers demanding above inflation pay deals.

He said: “I know many Social Workers, Teachers, Fire Fighters....none want to strike but all want to be valued and not have their jobs eroded.

“I will visit as many picket lines as possible to make it clear that I support high quality public services with highly valued, motivated and decently paid staff.

“I also call upon the government to settle the dispute, it’s easy, just pretend they are bankers - the money is sure to follow.”

The government says it will not change its policies on pay and pensions which are necessary to save cash and protects jobs.