I totally agree with our Dudley North MP Ian Austin's views on trying to make Dudley a university town I find hard to believe the size of the borough and we have no university campus. I feel it would be prestigious for the whole of the borough and lift our dour image which the borough unfortunately has in the wider world.

Wouldn't it be good if young adults did not have to travel to Birmingham, Wolverhampton or further a field in many cases to get a degree.

It would be less expensive for local people and it would encourage people who normally wouldn't even consider going to university too The local economy would also be boasted with a good student community. It would bring in new businesses, cafes shops, restaurants bars we would all benefit. We should grab this opportunity with both hands.

Unfortunately Tory Councillor and education spokesperson Liz Walker does seems to want to pour cold water on these exciting proposals sighting that we already have Wolverhampton and Birmingham universities.

I thought she was a spokesperson for the Dudley Borough? Not Birmingham or Wolverhampton boroughs I really think Mrs Walker is in the wrong job and should resign .

We want someone in charge who is not politically motivated and who despises opportunity for all.

We need someone who cares for the future of our citizens in the Borough of Dudley. I urge people to support Mr Austin.

S Briscoe Adshead Road Dudley