WHAT has happened to common sense? If the initial criteria wasn't there in the first place for Holly Hall School to be given academy status because the exam results were too good, then the only achievement of the Directorate of Childrens' Services has been to raise and then crush the aspirations of pupils, parents, staff and the wider community.

The council has already closed a school in Cradley and is proposing to close another in Pensnett and now this confusion in Holly Hall.

This is not very inspiring and it is a far cry from enhancing the lives of children, young people and the local communities concerned.

It is also eroding the trust and the incentive of the young to pass exams if they see good results are viewed as failings to achieve 21st century facilities.

The council says parties work well together for the good of the people, so perhaps it should redeem itself by reassuring everyone involved with Holly Hall School that every effort will be made to improve facilities as proposed.

The motto of the Directorate of Childrens' Services is "Putting children and young people first in dudley".

Deprived areas, in particular need this regeneration as soon as possible.

P Gill Dudley