Six of the best gadgets and gizmos on a theme. This week: Six of the best Valentine's gadgets.

By Peter Jenkinson

Gadgets and gizmos can say 'I love you' just as much as romantic meals, chocolates and flowers, while their unique value may help to woo your other half.

Here are six items to ensure cupid's arrow hits the right target on Valentine's Day.

Spherical attraction - Personalised Venn Diagram Poster - from £19.99 at Offering a gift that formed part of your secondary school maths studies might not sound appealing but this poster is perfect to show off the connection between you and your partner. Select your names for the top and bottom circles, plus an amorous middle bit, such as 'love' or forever', and you have a wall adornment that's sure to cause plenty of comment - what's not to like?

My hero - Personalised Superhero Action Figures - £79.99 from How do you tell the person in your life that they are your superhero? With one of these personal action figures, of course. Choose the body from a famous, iconic hero - Captain America, Ironman or Thor, for example - and when you've clicked the buy button, you'll be invited to send in two snaps of your face - or your intended: one from the front; one from the side. With these pictures, the tech wizards will be able to create a splendid 3D image for the head atop of the action figure's body. Once you've shared your gift, await the radiant reaction.

Kitsch tweet - Love Birds - £9.95 from You can't help but adore these Love Birds. Perched on their favourite branch, this pair of tweeters react to passers-by with a chirp as they spring to life and twitch their heads. It's as kitsch as they come, but once you've placed this colourful couple in your abode, you'll be smitten.

Making memories - Fujifilm XF1 - £329.99 from This vintage-style aluminium and black leather snapper is jam-packed with the latest in compact-camera technology; 12 megapixels, 4x optical zoom and HD video. It's perfect for that Parisian weekend getaway, or to capture the memories of your lifetime together.

Rain away - Heart-shaped Umbrella - £18.99 from Walking down the street arm-in-arm, nothing could wipe the smile from your faces, or could it? Well, a downpour could certainly put a dampener on your date, so don't risk it. Put one of these on your gift list - it makes the perfect romantic hideaway.

Sweet sounds - Orbitsound T12v3 - £299 from If a night in is on the cards, then you're likely to want to snuggle up and watch a good rom-com on the box. This soundbar delivers spatial, cinematic sound from just one unit - there's no need for cable rage around your abode, either - and it's also the perfect place for docking your iPod, delivering your favourite ballads in true stereo sound.

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