"You have to laugh at yourself'

Dudley News:

6:00am Saturday 25th October 2014

From having his chest waxed in The 40 Year-Old Virgin to eating lipstick in Anchorman 2, there aren't many things Steve Carell won't do for a laugh.

Scodelario has found her way

Dudley News:

6:00am Saturday 18th October 2014

Kaya Scodelario's mother recently pleaded with her daughter over her choice of roles. "My Mum asked, 'Can you stop playing crazy characters? I can't handle it any more'," reveals the 22-year-old actress, laughing.

"I'll keep going 'til my knees give up'

Dudley News:

6:00am Saturday 27th September 2014

When you meet Liam Neeson in person - all 6ft 4 of him - it's easy to see why he's still fielding action hero offers, while others his age dream of retirement.

Mirren's a real madame

Dudley News:

6:00am Saturday 13th September 2014

Whenever Helen Mirren's in need of a little pick-me-up, she searches out a slice or two of eggy bread. "My mother used to make it. Oh, it's amazing," she says, a wistful look in her eye as she pictures the naughty treat.

'Acting is such a weird profession'

Dudley News:

6:00am Saturday 6th September 2014

In an industry where people crave fame and recognition, Jesse Eisenberg is quite an anomaly.

Sly's not Expendable yet

Dudley News:

6:00am Saturday 16th August 2014

He may be a go-to action hero, but Sylvester Stallone is feeling a little fragile today.

The boys are down(under) and out

Dudley News:

6:00am Saturday 9th August 2014

Three years ago, shortly before the first big screen version of their successful TV comedy The Inbetweeners was released, Simon Bird, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas and James Buckley insisted that the movie marked a final goodbye to the socially inept teenagers we'd all come to love since their debut in 2008.

Diesel branches out with new tree role

Dudley News:

6:00am Saturday 2nd August 2014

Vin Diesel bursts into a quiet hotel room, his team in tow, brandishing a speaker attached to his mobile phone.

Believing in life after death

Dudley News:

6:00am Saturday 26th July 2014

By Jeananne Craig, Press Association

It's a dog's life for BGT'S Ashleigh

Dudley News:

6:00am Saturday 19th July 2014

It's no wonder Ashleigh Butler describes her life as "surreal".

Knightley Night New York

Dudley News:

6:00am Saturday 12th July 2014

Keira Knightley's a little peeved. It's the mention of her appearance on The Graham Norton Show, in which she revealed her husband's attempts to teach her the guitar almost ended in divorce, that's done it.

Sarandon's on the road again

Dudley News:

4:46pm Friday 4th July 2014

Susan Sarandon is reflecting on a "crazy" moment a few weeks ago where she set thousands of film fans' hearts aflutter.

I owe Simon Cowell'

Dudley News: I owe Simon Cowell'

6:00am Saturday 21st June 2014

Leona Lewis may have recently severed ties with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Music, but there's no bad blood between her and the media mogul.

All the world's a stage for Spacey

Dudley News: All the world's a stage for Spacey

6:00am Saturday 14th June 2014

There are moments in his new documentary film where you forget that Kevin Spacey is a world famous, Oscar-winning star.

'I begged for this role'

Dudley News: 'I begged for this role'

6:00am Saturday 7th June 2014

Charlize Theron is laughing about a memorable day she had on the set of her new comedy western A Million Ways To Die In The West.

Kirsten Dunst do arm candy roles

Dudley News: Kirsten Dunst do arm candy roles

6:00am Saturday 31st May 2014

Kirsten Dunst walks into the hotel suite where we're meeting and makes a beeline for the balcony. "Oh, this hotel is so beautiful. And it's so cosy, it makes you want to take a little nap," says the 32-year-old in a girlish voice.

'Like good wine, artists take time to mature'

Dudley News: 'Like good wine, artists take time to mature'

6:00am Saturday 24th May 2014

It's easy to see why Bryan Cranston, star of landmark TV drama Breaking Bad, would describe his career as being something of a dream come true.

Thompson takes a punch

Dudley News: Thompson takes a punch

6:00am Saturday 26th April 2014

In new comedy caper The Love Punch, Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan play a former husband and wife who grudgingly join forces to recover their stolen retirement fund.

It's fight or flight for Hathaway

Dudley News: It's fight or flight for Hathaway

6:00am Saturday 12th April 2014

Despite a triumphant awards season, Anne Hathaway's overexposure led to a vitriolic attack from the world's media last year. Now, she's emerged from the shadows ready for the spotlight once more, as Susan Griffin discovers.

Collette's down but not out

Dudley News: Collette's down but not out

6:00am Saturday 22nd March 2014

She has talent in spades, but it's her likeability that makes Toni Collette most stand out. As her latest movie, A Long Way Down, is released, the Australian actress tells Keeley Bolger about parenthood, stage fright and why she's pleased she didn't jack it all in.

Aaron Paul: Welcome to the fast lane

Dudley News: Aaron Paul: Welcome to the fast lane

7:00am Saturday 8th March 2014

Following his award-winning turn as drug dealer Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul's career is really revving up. Shereen Low catches up with the American actor and finds out why he's now completely addicted to fast cars.

A Fiennes romance

Dudley News: A Fiennes romance

6:00am Saturday 1st March 2014

Kristin Scott Thomas teams up with old pal Ralph Fiennes in The Invisible Woman, which tells the story of Charles Dickens' affair with a young actress. She tells Jeananne Craig why being cast as 'the mother' wasn't all bad - and why director Fiennes was a "terrible bully".

Frost fires up the dance floor

Dudley News: Frost fires up the dance floor

6:00am Saturday 22nd February 2014

Nobody puts Nick Frost in the corner... The funny sidekick takes centre stage in new dance comedy Cuban Fury, and he's as proud as punch, Shereen Low discovers.

'I'll fight for life'

Dudley News: 'I'll fight for life'

6:00am Saturday 15th February 2014

Once the go-to guy for fluffy romcoms, Matthew McConaughey is now one of the most exciting actors in Hollywood - with an Oscar nomination to boot. He tells Susan Griffin all about his toughest role to date.

Branagh's out of the Shadows

Dudley News: Branagh's out of the Shadows

7:00am Saturday 8th February 2014

Working with Sir Kenneth Branagh's a childhood dream come true for Keira Knightley. And the appreciation's mutual, the duo tell Albertina Lloyd, as they promote action thriller Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

A Streep for all seasons

Dudley News: A Streep for all seasons

6:00am Saturday 1st February 2014

With her 18th Oscar nomination, Meryl Streep's hit the record books - but it hasn't come easy. The actress tells Shereen Low why playing a bitter cancer-stricken sufferer in August: Osage County was one of her most challenging roles to date.

Taking Carey of showbusiness

Dudley News: Taking Carey of showbusiness

6:00am Saturday 25th January 2014

Carey Mulligan's rise to fame has been nothing short of meteoric. As her next sure-fire smash hits screens, the modest star tells Keeley Bolger about 'nerve-racking' singing scenes, her career wish list and why she's not about to move to Hollywood any time soon

An officer meets a gentleman

Dudley News: An officer meets a gentleman

6:00am Saturday 18th January 2014

As Colin Firth brings Eric Lomax's courageous true story to the big screen, the Oscar-winning actor tells Sophie Herdman about meeting The Railway Man writer before his death, how he couldn't help falling in love with trains and why he doesn't feel very British.

Elba's long walk to stardom

Dudley News: Elba's long walk to stardom

6:00am Saturday 11th January 2014

It's not just awards panels who've been impressed by Idris Elba's portrayal of Nelson Mandela in the new big-screen biopic - Mandela's family, and even the late statesman himself, gave it the thumbs up. The Luther star tells Shereen Low why it was a dream role.

Released on Bale

Dudley News: Released on Bale

6:00am Saturday 4th January 2014

A man dedicated to disappearing into his characters, Christian Bale is once again unrecognisable on screen. The actor talks to Susan Griffin about reuniting with the man who led him to Oscar glory.

Will's Ferrell ways

Dudley News: Will's Ferrell ways

6:00am Saturday 28th December 2013

Ron Burgundy is back, and he's as inappropriate and cringe-inducing as ever. Anchorman star Will Ferrell talks improv and inspiration with Susan Griffin.

Something to be smaug about

Dudley News: Something to be smaug about

6:00am Saturday 21st December 2013

Nothing beats a brilliantly-executed bedtime story, but growing up to play one of the characters from that story comes close. Ditching his Sherlock coat for dragon scales in the new Hobbit film, Benedict Cumberbatch tells Keeley Bolger why landing the role is the best thank you he could have given his dad.

From Potter to poet

Dudley News: Love scenes: Daniel Radcliffe, with Dane DeHaan

11:22am Thursday 19th December 2013

He may have hung up his wizard's cloak, but when it comes to landing roles, Daniel Radcliffe still has the magic touch. The young star tells Sophie Herdman about stripping down, bulking up and proving the critics wrong.

Thompson exposes her 'inner prickly pear'

Dudley News: Thompson exposes her 'inner prickly pear'

6:00am Saturday 7th December 2013

As Mary Poppins fans are about to discover, the author who created her was a cantankerous grump - and Emma Thompson had a blast letting her rude side rip for the role. Shereen Low reports.

Pfeiffer's family affair

Dudley News: Pfeiffer's family affair

6:00am Saturday 30th November 2013

She's no stranger to mobster movies, but Michelle Pfeiffer's latest brush with the law is more comic crime capers than hardcore gangs. Keeley Bolger meets a down-to-earth star with a no-nonsense attitude to fame.

Jude's lawless new role

Dudley News: Jude's lawless new role

6:00am Saturday 23rd November 2013

Famed for his boyish good looks, Jude Law looks a little rough around the edges in his new movie Dom Hemingway. He tells Sophie Herdman about the joy of being out of his comfort zone and the anti-climax of turning 40

Bullock's out of this world

Dudley News: Bullock's out of this world

6:00am Saturday 16th November 2013

She may be lost in space in Gravity, the new movie already garnering awards buzz, but in real life Sandra Bullock's feet are firmly on the ground. The star tells Susan Griffin how the challenges of filming left her in awe of real astronauts

Bonding with a difference for Dench

Dudley News: Bonding with a difference for Dench

6:00am Saturday 9th November 2013

In her latest role, Dame Judi Dench plays a woman who spent half a century searching for her son after he was sold by nuns. She and the mother she portrays, Philomena Lee, tell Susan Griffin about their emotional journey.

No end to Kingsley's game

Dudley News: No end to Kingsley's game

6:00am Saturday 2nd November 2013

With a career spanning more than 45 years, Sir Ben Kingsley is one of the UK's most revered and respected actors. Shereen Low catches up with a legend.

Hanks goes in at the deep end

Dudley News: Hanks goes in at the deep end

6:00am Saturday 26th October 2013

When Captain Richard Phillips was ambushed by pirates, he never expected Forrest Gump to turn up at his door. As Tom Hanks brings the captain's incredible story to life, he tells Susan Griffin how he prepared for what could be an Oscar-winning role.

Lindsay's Parisian affair

Dudley News: Lindsay's Parisian affair

6:00am Saturday 19th October 2013

Lindsay Duncan sticks to what she does best in new movie Le Week-End, playing a strong-willed but utterly engaging woman. The film also sees her 'married' to Jim Broadbent once again. Sophie Herdman discovers the secret behind their je ne sais quoi.

Fletcher proclaims a magical musical

Dudley News: Fletcher proclaims a magical musical

6:00am Saturday 12th October 2013

It's been dubbed "MacMamma Mia" and Dexter Fletcher agrees it's a fair analogy. As Sunshine On Leith hits the big screen, the actor-turned-director tells Susan Griffin how a certain Scottish duo became the focus of his new film.

Naomi's scary movie

Dudley News: Naomi's scary movie

6:00am Saturday 28th September 2013

It takes a courageous actress to play one of the world's most recognised women, but Naomi Watts has gone for it with gusto in Diana. She tells Keeley Bolger about her anxieties over reviews - and why impressing her mum meant everything.

Ron roars into town

Dudley News: Ron roars into town

6:00am Saturday 21st September 2013

The multi-talented Ron Howard could be vying for a couple of gongs at next year's Oscars - his latest film Rush is already creating a buzz. But, as the actor-turned-director tells Susan Griffin, bringing the world of Seventies F1 racing to the big screen was a rough ride.

Just five 'ordinary' guys

Dudley News: Just five 'ordinary' guys

6:00am Saturday 14th September 2013

They're set to be the first billion-dollar boy band in history and have some of the most dedicated fans on the planet. Ahead of their first behind-the-scenes documentary, Sophie Herdman meets the lads behind the hype.

Aniston clings on to her halo

Dudley News: Aniston clings on to her halo

7:00am Saturday 31st August 2013

FILM - STAR INTERVIEW Previous page | Print article | Download article Film - Star interview - Aniston Aniston clings on to her halo Last update: 23 August 2013 Word count: 1274 Despite playing a stripper for her latest role, Jennifer Aniston still can't seem to shake off that 'good girl' image. But she's not going to let it bother her, as Susan Griffin discovers.

Denzel opts for a light show

Dudley News: Denzel opts for a light show

7:00am Saturday 24th August 2013

Denzel Washington has deliberately stepped away from heavy drama for his new action comedy 2 Guns. He tells Keeley Bolger why he picked the script - and how he hadn't bargained on a close encounter with a raging bull.

Johnny's hidden depps

Dudley News: Johnny's hidden depps

7:00am Saturday 17th August 2013

He went to cowboy school for his latest movie, The Lone Ranger, but that didn't stop him coming a cropper during filming. Movie star, proud dad and all-round nice guy Johnny Depp tells Keeley Bolger why he's always rooted for the sidekick.

No Brucey bonuses with hardman Willis

Dudley News: No Brucey bonuses with hardman Willis

7:00am Saturday 10th August 2013

He might be known for his dry one-liners but Bruce Willis takes the term literally in real life, as Susan Griffin discovers during a memorable interview with the Hollywood legend.

Jackman keeps his claws in

Dudley News: Jackman keeps his claws in

7:00am Saturday 3rd August 2013

His X-Men alter ego may have a dark edge, but nobody has a bad word to say about Hugh Jackman. The Aussie star tells Shereen Low about bulking up to play Wolverine again - and why there are some things an actor shouldn't tell his wife.


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