Activision Announce New DLC Vengeance For Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Dudley News: Call of Duty: Black Ops II vengeance DLC gameplay

11:32am Thursday 20th June 2013

Calling all COD fans theres new DLC coming soon

Horror abounds in Resident Evil Revelations

Dudley News: Resident Evil Revelations featured image

12:00pm Monday 17th June 2013

Prepare to fill your trousers with Resident Evil Revelations

Rush Bros is a real rush!

Dudley News: Rush bros featured image

11:15am Monday 17th June 2013

Rush Bros is here at last is it a Rush or a plodd ?

Get your Zombie slaying fix right here with Deep Silver's new Dead Island Riptide game

Dudley News: Packshot

3:10pm Wednesday 15th May 2013

Gameplay is pretty full on with a nice open world feel to it, the graphics are still as good as ever and there are plenty of things to do with side missions and co-op play also available.

"Halo" makes a welcome return or does it?

Dudley News: "Halo" makes a welcome return or does it?

12:50pm Thursday 28th March 2013

Upon first putting Halo 4 into my console I was blown away at how good the graphics were! 343i have done an amazing job on this element of the game!

DMC (Devil May Cry) Re-Booted with a Western Feel

Dudley News: Packshot

1:46pm Thursday 7th February 2013

The series is one of Capcom biggest IPs having first been introduced at the beginning of the century in 2001. The main protagonist, Dante, became easily recognisable with his distinctive long white hair. Capcom released four titles in the original series and when the hardcore fans heard about the new revamp and saw Dante’s new image, they were not amused to say the least. DMC has been given the thumps up by most of the critics but fans of the original series seem to be voicing their opinions with what I feel is very unjustified comments.

The Goliath is back in town!

Dudley News: Packshot

12:05pm Tuesday 29th January 2013

The biggest first person shooter and war game of all time, everyone expects Activision to throw out a triple-A shooter around November and it continued to defy the odds with the release of Black Ops 2.

Mario Makes are return on the 3DS

Dudley News: Packshot

10:00am Saturday 12th January 2013

Everyone has played a Mario game and if you haven’t then well please leave the room now! You clearly aren’t a gamer of any kind. As a kid I remember owning Super Mario All-Stars and the massively popular Super Nintendo (SNES) and spending endless hours on the various Mario games included on the cartridge.

Lego LOTR Game Review

Dudley News: PackShot

4:22pm Monday 3rd December 2012

. The first Lego title TT released was seven years ago when they released Star Wars which ended up being one of the biggest selling games of the PS2. This opened up a whole world of opportunities to covert some of the biggest movie franchises into Lego sets and games. Since on top of the Star Wars trilogy we’ve been presented with Lego Indiana Jones, Batman, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and now we finally have Lord of the Rings!

Bond makes a return to console in 007 Legends

Dudley News: PackShot

5:22pm Wednesday 28th November 2012

Now with the new film Skyfall out and the James Bond label celebrating its 50th birthday on the big screen, Activision decided to jump on the bandwagon to do a bit of a tribute and celebration for Mr Bond. They decided to create a game that would feature a level from each of the 6 Bond actors and finally set their sets on creating a level for Sean Connery’s “Goldfinger”, George Lazenby’s “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, Roger Moore’s “Moonraker”, Timothy Dalton’s “Licensed to Kill” Pierce Brosnan’s “Die Another Day” and finally a Daniel Craig’s “Skyfall” level that would be released as a DLC. The catch is you play as Daniel Craig for all the levels and not the iconic actors that made those films their own.

Borderlands 2 Review

Dudley News: PackShot

4:23pm Friday 2nd November 2012

For what I remember seeing in the original Borderlands, 2K and Gearbox software have really stuck to a similar model for the second title and so they should seeing as people loved the first one so all they needed to do was impress the core fans and the rest would jump on to.

Resident Evil comes back to scare us once more

Dudley News: Resident Evil Pack-Shot

1:41pm Saturday 20th October 2012

What Capcom have done with the Resident Evil series is keep together a very strong group of appealing characters right from the start. In Resident Evil 6 you get to play along as some very familiar faces, you don’t get any bigger than having Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield both playable in the same Resident Evil game!

A game that can really Make you a Rock Star! Introducing RockSmith

Dudley News: RockSmith Pack

10:07am Thursday 11th October 2012

Rocksmith differs from the traditional rhythm action games as you actually require a real guitar to play the game. No more plastic coloured buttons, when playing the game you will actually being playing guitar.

The goliath FIFA returns

Dudley News: PackShot

5:10pm Wednesday 3rd October 2012

The highly anticipated released of the latest title Fifa 13 finally happened last Friday. Fans all over the world flocked to the stores to grab a copy of EA Sports latest masterpiece and in the UK alone the game sold over a million copies in just a couple of days making it the first sports title to do so.

PES 2013 Scores an equalizer

Dudley News: PackShot

10:00am Tuesday 25th September 2012

When it comes to premium football games on consoles you have two options, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) or FIFA.

Sleeping Dogs brings to the Hong Kong underground to consoles

Dudley News: PackShot

1:00pm Tuesday 18th September 2012

The game has been top of the sales chart since its release, but its progress to the top hasn’t been as straight forward as it would seem.

Spec Ops : The Line - A shooter with a great story.

Dudley News: Spec Ops Pack Shot

5:00pm Wednesday 5th September 2012

Spec Ops: The Line is one of the latest war games to hit the shelves. Developed by a relatively unknown company called “Yager Development” and published by the massive 2K Games (famous for Mafia, Borderlands and BioShock series) I looked at this game at first I thought to myself “this is just going to be another one of those army games that tries to copy what Call of Duty does by buying into the conflict in Afghanistan and making a game about the modern battles going on in the world today”.

Dragons Dogma

Dudley News: PackShot

12:00pm Monday 20th August 2012

Dragon’s Dogma is a hack and slash, button bashing, open world adventure game and is developed and published by Capcom, the makers of the hugely popular Resident Evil franchise. The game is sort of a cross between the Baldur’s Gate and The Elder Scrolls series.

Saints Row The Third

Dudley News: PS3 Pack-Shot

2:30pm Monday 6th August 2012

Saints Row: The Third was one of the big winter releases last year with high expectations from the fans and a massive promotion campaign pushing the game out for all to see, THQ were really going to have to deliver.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Grinds Back With A New HD Edition

Dudley News: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD Logo

12:20pm Monday 30th July 2012

The PlayStation One classic returns in this polished HD remake of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater available now on Xbox Live and later this year on PlayStation Network.

Mobile Games to keep you busy this Summer!

Dudley News: Fruit Ninja Screen

3:30pm Tuesday 24th July 2012

This week we have three reviews for some of the most popular games available on mobile. This week we look at Fruit Ninja, Score! and the amazing Draw Something

Crowd Funding Comes to Kidderminster

Dudley News: Jupingo Home

12:00pm Friday 13th July 2012

Be part of a potentially huge game by supporting as little as £1 to this amazing game.

Fifa Street Review

Dudley News: Logo

5:01pm Monday 2nd July 2012

Hit the street with EA Sports Fifa Street

Sniper Elite V2 Review

Dudley News: Sniper Elite 1

1:50pm Monday 25th June 2012

Go behind enemy lines in this excellent World War 2 game

Want To Score Spectacular Volley's This Summer?

Dudley News: Home Screen

11:10am Friday 22nd June 2012

Great Football App now available for iPhone / iPod Touch

E3 Games Show

Dudley News: Beyond : Two Souls Image

8:36am Thursday 14th June 2012

Last week was the annual Games Show E3 in LA. Lots of exciting announcements to get you excited about.

A Gameplay master piece for Xbox 360

Dudley News: Trials Logo

4:30pm Tuesday 5th June 2012

A hugely fun, gripping, exciting, easy to play motor cross style racing game that will keep you coming back for more.

A "Journey" of epic proportions

Dudley News: Logo

10:30am Monday 28th May 2012

The game is an artistic masterpiece which delivers an emotional experience that most people and critics alike have been very positive about.

Max Payne 3 makes a welcome return

Dudley News: Max Payne 3 makes a welcome return

11:00am Monday 21st May 2012

From the makers of Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption and L.A Noire comes the third instalment in the Max Payne series, Max Payne 3. This is the first time that Max Payne has appeared on the next generation consoles and it has been worth the wait.



7:00am Saturday 18th February 2012

Has it really been 10 years? Since you bounced and exploded onto our pc`s .Yes MASTER CHIEF the man of few words has returned with this release of HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED ANNIVERSARY. A reboot of the first game with extra goodies and better graphics .Die hard halo fans will not be disappointed with this game the action is fluid and immediate and for the first time with KINECT support and with the added addition of terminals and skulls.



7:00am Saturday 11th February 2012

By Gandalf’s beard! What have we here, another lord of the rings adventure? Set up North, very interesting you might think, well I am afraid that is the only interesting thing about this game Is it a long lost Tolkien story that has mysteriously resurfaced after all these years? Nope, in fact poor old JRR would be spinning in his grave if he found out about this version.

Set aside your life because the fantastic Skyrim is back

Dudley News: "What are you looking at?"

1:00pm Thursday 9th February 2012

Phone into work sick, dump your girlfriend - Skyrim is here and as any fan of the Elder Scrolls saga knows, your social life is about to be put on hold, writes Tom Lees.


Dudley News: GEARS OF WAR 3

7:00am Saturday 4th February 2012

Lock and load people the time has come again to strap on your armoured vest and kill some grubs. Yes The COG is back with a bang. EPIC and MICROSOFT STUDIOS bring its mind numbing explosive trilogy to a final end, in style of course with a flurry of violence and “lump in the throats” moments. I know this is the last outing for the gears but I am not convinced it is the best.

Get comfy in your gaming chairs

Dudley News: Get comfy in your gaming chairs

7:00am Saturday 28th January 2012

When it comes to gaming there are certain things you need to enjoy the experience, First of all a nice size TV (goes without saying) and of course a good sound system, now if you want to take that extra step (spouses and partners permitting) then you need a gaming chair.



4:32pm Tuesday 17th January 2012

PREPARE for the driving experience of a life time, FORZA 4 is here and it’s taking names and kicking bottoms!



4:12pm Tuesday 17th January 2012

The combination of ACTIVISION /INFINITY WARD/SLEDGEHAMMER GAMES can only mean one thing, yes the reason why people of all ages have been queuing outside game shops at midnight, to get their cold hands on, CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 3 .


Dudley News: GEARS OF WAR 3

4:01pm Friday 20th January 2012

Lock and load people the time has come again to strap on your armoured vest and kill some grubs. Yes The COG is back with a bang. EPIC and MICROSOFT STUDIOS bring its mind numbing explosive trilogy to a final end, in style of course with a flurry of violence and “lump in the throats” moments. I know this is the last outing for the gears but I am not convinced it is the best.

Top ten games for Gamestation

10:04am Tuesday 28th June 2011

The top ten games this week.

Review: Brink

Dudley News: Running in all guns blazing is suicide in Brink.

7:02pm Monday 6th June 2011

Every so often a game comes along that sets out to reinvent a genre. Sometimes it succeeds and other times like a footballer’s botched efforts to conceal an extra-marital affair it fails. Brink falls somewhere between the two. Best described as a thinking man’s first person shooter, Brink takes the team based elements of Team Fortress and playability of Black Ops. Whilst it isn’t as instantly addictive as many other FPS, it is the definition of a grower.

Top ten games for Gamestation

Dudley News: Top ten games for Gamestation

9:39am Monday 6th June 2011

The top ten games this week.

The undead, crime and a sneaky look at PES 2012

Dudley News: Raw passion and aggression is exhibited here.

3:32pm Wednesday 1st June 2011

Deep Silver announce Dead Island for E3, LA Noir DLC revealed and new PES 2012 screenshots.

Top 10 game list for Gamestation

9:50am Tuesday 12th April 2011

The top ten games this week.

Top 10 game list for Gamestation

Dudley News: Top 10 game list for Gamestation

10:31am Tuesday 5th April 2011

The top ten games this week.

Top 10 game list for Gamestation

Dudley News: Top 10 game list for Gamestation

9:43am Wednesday 30th March 2011

The top 10 games this week.

Top 10 game list for Gamestation

11:46am Monday 14th March 2011

The top 10 games this week.

Top 10 game list for Gamestation

11:30am Wednesday 23rd February 2011

The top 10 games this week.

Top 10 game list for Gamestation

9:59am Tuesday 15th February 2011

The top 10 games this week.

Top 10 game list for Gamestation

Dudley News: Top 10 game list for Gamestation

2:54pm Monday 31st January 2011

The top 10 games this week.

2011 Video Games Preview

Dudley News: Ready to decapitate some necromorphs in Dead Space 2?

8:57pm Tuesday 18th January 2011

Michael Wilson previews a multitude of palatable gaming treats due to arrive to a console or PC near you this year.

Top 10 game list for Gamestation

Dudley News: Top 10 game list for Gamestation

11:45am Monday 17th January 2011

Top ten games this week.


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