BEE Well Groups Ltd have only been up and running since last November but already they have made a big impact within Dudley Borough.

Bee Well provides mental health workshops for children, young people and their families and say: "Community is at the heart of everything we do!

Run by Rebecca Hingley and Helen Roberts, Bee Well attempts to educate and support people around mental health issues by providing early intervention mental health services which are not currently available elsewhere - Bee Well aims to fill the gaps missing.

Rebecca and Helen claim: "We are incredibly passionate about our service reaching all children in Dudley Borough and it's incredibly humbling that this has now been recognised by people within our community and we want to thank them for nominating us".

Dudley News: Rebecca Hingley and Helen RobertsRebecca Hingley and Helen Roberts

DUDLEY Canal and Tunnel Trust was created by a bunch of kids over 60 years ago.

Although only youngsters, they were determined to save Dudley's caverns after British Rail threatened to close them for good!.

They've been looking after the caverns ever since which have now become firmly established as a major cultural attraction to the borough.

The Trust's CEO Traci Dix-Williams believes winning the award would be a huge vote of thanks to all the staff, volunteers and supporters who have kept the Trust going especially after the upheaval of Covid and the economic recession.

She said: "We all work so hard to make sure there is something of interest for everyone.

"We have friendly, knowledgeable and humorous guides taking people on an experience they've never had before.

"But although we've been a visitor and cultural attraction for over 60 years, we are not complacent in our efforts to keep moving forward and improving our message so it becomes relevant to our customers of today".

Dudley News: Traci Dix-WilliamsTraci Dix-Williams

TAX Assist Accountants have totted up eight years working with local businesses.

Company principal Kully Sahota said: "It's just not about hard work and the excellent service and support that we provide - but making a positive impact in the community as well.

He adds: "We help small businesses and individuals with reliable accounting services, making tax and financial planning easier for everyone.

"We also support local events and initiatives that help promote entrepreneurship and financial education.

"Our work also helps business to succeed and members of the community reach their financial goals.

"Just being nominated as a finalist is an honour in itself - but winning the Business of the Year would also be a momentous milestone for Tax Assist Accountants as it would reflect the positive impact on the lives and businesses that we have served.”

Dudley News: Kully SahotaKully Sahota