HALESOWEN Business Improvement District (BID) has been promoting the town since 2017.

Supporting Halesowen's business and community the BID works tirelessly to put Halesowen on the map.

They have supported local business with training, funding and networking while hosting events such as Black Country Day, Halesowen in Bloom, Multi Cultural Day and Halesowen Beach.

The BID is also instrumental in organising Halesowen Christmas Lights which brings an estimated £35,00 to the town centre.

Halesowen BID town manager Vicky Rogers said: " Halesowen is a town full of passionate people who are proud of where they come from and we continue to be the driving force behind that.

"Local business has ensured Halesowen BID will continue for another five years and winning this award would give the whole team a great sense of fulfilment.”

Dudley News: Vicky Rogers from Halesowen BIDVicky Rogers from Halesowen BID

LADIES Fighting Breast Cancer are no strangers to winning major awards.

They've been operating in Dudley Borough for the past 23 years and have helped to make a real impact with women battling the illness.

Regional organiser Veronica Kumeta said: "It's very humbling to be nominated and lovely that someone has taken the time and trouble to do so and appreciates the work that we do.

"If we win the award, it's proof that we are making a difference in the community.

"We are a very personal, hands-on and approachable local charity. We ask women what they need and how we can help them at such a difficult time. We also support women afterwards as well which is also important.”

Dudley News: Veronica KumetaVeronica Kumeta

We Love Carers has been active within Dudley Borough since 2009.

Run by volunteers, their objective is to make sure that carers get the support they need.

Spokesperson Loraine Stockton said: "It's very humbling to be recognised for the work we do in the community. I hope that whoever nominated us had a positive experience of the support we give to unpaid carers and their families and that it has made a difference to their lives".

Loraine praised the part paid by We Love Carers CEO Rachael Gardener and added: "She is the inspiration that drives us on.

“To win this award would be a wonderful achievement - not only for the charity, but also for the fabulous volunteers who work tirelessly to make sure that our unsung heroes - who are the carers within the borough - get the support that they so deserve.”

Dudley News: We Love CarersWe Love Carers