THE Fellows pub holds a special place in the hearts of new owners Vicky and Mick Wolohan.

That's because they got married at The Fellows over 30 years ago and have a genuine love for the place.

Now the couple have returned to bring the Dudley based pub back to life after taking charge in May 2022.

Both are Dudley born and bred, which is why they have put heart and soul in to making The Fellows one of the best eating establishments in the area.

It’s their love for The Fellows that comes shining through.

The couple said: "We aim to create a welcoming and inclusive community. It's not just our pub, it's the community’s’ pub too.

"We want to make sure that every customer that comes here feels a valued member of the community.”

Dudley News: Vicky and Mick WolohanVicky and Mick Wolohan

FIVE Spice offers the very best in both Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine.

Situated in a fabulous scenic setting, Five Spice has a history of preparing award-winning dishes.

The restaurant specialises in using natural herbs and spices in their curry, halal and vegetarian meals.

Visitors can also take in panoramic views of the countryside from the conservatory as the restaurant is based on the Stourbridge Road near Belbroughton. It is also the sister restaurant of the Balti Bazaar near Lye Cross.

Customer Carlie Griffiths said: "It's the best Indian restaurant by a long way. The food is succulent, flavourful and utterly indulgent.”

Dudley News: Five SpiceFive Spice

BROCKMOOR based restaurant Il Michelangelo has been bringing a taste of the Mediterranean to Dudley Borough for the past 13 years.

Initially founded by Leonardo Gallani, il Michelangelo specialises in Italian cuisine of the finest quality.

This family run business, which also operates restaurants in Bray, Berkshire and Weston-Super-Mare, has become renowned for homemade cooking.

Situated at 34 High Street, il Michelangelo promises customers a truly sensational dining experience to the point where some customers can't believe they're still in Brookmoor when they enter the restaurant.

Il Michelangelo proudly says: "We use the finest authentic Italian ingredients so that our chefs can create modern takes on the most classic Italian recipes with influence from every region.”

Dudley News: Il MichelangeloIl Michelangelo