AISHA Anam is a photography student at Dudley College with an exceptional talent.

She's no stranger to winning awards and was recently named Young Photographer of the Year in a competition run by Dudley Rotary Club.

Aisha has since gone one step further by using her pictures to help create a book tackling the challenging subject of men's mental health.

The book has already made a big impact on social media and Aisha has now donated her work to Dudley College's counselling team.

Aisha said: "I want to help people struggling with mental health and raise a voice for them. I don't want them to think they are alone but they can relate to the pictures that I have taken.

"Men are always taught to hide away how they feel and never cry - but that isn't fair. Men should be able to talk about their emotions and I hope that my book will help and break this normalisation about men not having feelings.”

Dudley News: Aisha AnamAisha Anam

LUKE Collins has become an integral part of Team Pumpkin Boxing.

Based in Old Bush Street Brierley Hill the club has worked wonders following their formation 13 months ago by helping to take kids off the street and presenting them with a purpose in life.

Apart from boxing, the club helps youngsters to cope with all facets of life including their health and social wellbeing.

Modest Luke, aged 15, said: "It's nice to be nominated, but I just help coach the other boxers because I enjoy it.

"Other coaches have told me that I'm a very good coach for my young age and say it's good that I am confident enough to speak with large groups of boxers and to both tell and demonstrate what they need to do.

"To win this award would make me feel recognised for all the hard work that I do.”

Dudley News: Luke CollinsLuke Collins

EMILY Legg provides inspiration to youngsters despite coping with ADHD and learning difficulties.

Over the past 12 months, Emily has successfully obtained her Brownie Gold Award and Chief Scouts Silver Award.

At Brownies she completed all 18 of the Interest Badges available which included Charities, Speaking Out and Zero Waste Badge.

To obtain the Charity Badge, Emily dressed up as an elf and helped her grandad Ivor become Santa to raise over £2,000 for Cancer Research.

Emily has now stepped up to Guides where she helps the younger children in Rainbow and Brownies to achieve their badges.

However, Emily is quick to thank the support she's received from her scouting and girl guiding units.

She said: "I hope it shows other children with disabilities that anything is possible.”

Dudley News: Emily LeggEmily Legg