AN appearance by international medium in Halesowen will help to raise funds for the making of a documentary about life after death.

Medium Paul Langford, who works at spiritual centres across the country, will be at Halesowen Cornbow Hall on Friday April 12.

The event, starting at 7.30pm, will help to raise much-needed funds for Stourbridge paranormal investigator Jayne Harris's groundbreaking Afterlife Documentary.

Tickets for the event can be booked online at

Dudley News: International medium Paul LangfordInternational medium Paul Langford

Paul said: "The Afterlife Documentary is a great way to show people that life continues after death or as I like to say there is life after living. I was drawn to it after watching the trailer and wanted to support the project and see it happen.”

Documentary producer Jayne Harris said: "Myself and the team are so passionate about this project but what's amazed us is how many other people feel strongly about the subject and are willing to give their time and support to getting this film made.

"There are so many people who have had seemingly unexplainable experiences, either themselves, or as a result of the death of loved ones, that it seems we can no longer ignore the very real possibility that there is more to life than this physical body we find ourselves in, and that's really what we're exploring with this production.

“We intend to visit hospices as part of this research and would very much like to make donations as a thank-you for their time.

Dudley News: Jayne HarrisJayne Harris

“In addition we plan to set up a series of cafes, which will offer an open and safe place for people to come along and discuss their fears and anxieties around death and dying in the hope we can break down the taboo nature of the subject and get talking about death."

Jayne, whose first documentary Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm received widespread praise, will be at the event in Halesowen to talk more about the Afterlife project which is due for release in October.