SINGER Lauren Wright has been sneaking out and speaking out about how she coped with the darker side of success.

In the past few months she has worked with top record producers, had chart hits and shared a stage with massive stars including One Direction, The Saturdays, and Little Mix.

Lauren’s single, Sneaking Out At Midnight, was released last month and the video to accompany the song was filmed in America after she rocked the prestigious SXSW music business convention in Texas.

However hitting the big-time has come at a price, Lauren has been the victim of cyber bullying. She has now broken her silence to tell how she was bullied on Facebook and Twitter about her appearance and music videos.

Lauren said: “There are far too many people in the world who are ready to knock you down. It only takes a second to say something bad and act upon it but they don’t think about how this could affect the person they are doing it to.

“I did not have enough confidence to put myself forward, I was afraid of rejection but I have learned to stand up to my bullies and soon got rid of those fears.”

Other stars known to have been victims of bullying include Rihanna and Taylor Swift. A survey by the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Programme found a shocking 81 per cent of young people think cyber-bullying is getting worse while one in four people said one of their friends has been bullied online on social media.

Lauren, who is an anti-bullying ambassador for the programme, said: “Do not let them have the satisfaction of the reaction they are looking for from you. Keep your own goals and be determined to achieve them. Enjoy life’s experiences as they happen, if something goes wrong or someone lets you down, think what you can learn from this.”

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