IS there a better sound than laughter? That's why I love comedy nights. There is something truly heartwarming about a roomful of strangers full on belly laughing together.

And that is exactly what happened when I attended my first Live at the Civic show on Saturday night.

Three top acts – The Noise Next Door, Doreen Tipton and Tom Stade – had the crowd in stitches all night long when they took to the stage at the Brierley Hill venue.

The Noise Next Door, an improv troupe, kicked things off.

Improv makes me nervous. It's either really good or horrifically bad - there's no in between. Luckily, they were great. They pulled together a song about a brothel, Jimmy Carr and accountants, played matchmaker and made a swimming lesson very interesting, to say the least.

They all had such a great stage presence, their singing voices were brilliant and their wit was razor sharp.

Next up was the self-confessed lazy cow, Doreen Tipton.

I was very late to the Doreen party. It wasn't until I saw her in last year's panto at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre that I truly appreciated how funny the act is.

From buying 'new material' for the compere down at Brierley Hill market to her take on the news headlines, she had the audience loffin their heads off.

The act ended with the Black Country girl disguising herself as an Irish folk singer and performing a hilarious song which proved what a great actress and singer Gill Jordan (the woman behind Doreen) really is.

Rounding off the evening was Tom Stade, who has appeared on Live at the Apollo and The John Bishop Show.

The Canadian was thrilled to be in Brierley Hill, especially after he'd done his research on Trip Advisor.

He mocked thrifty Brits, divulged his love for Cash in the Attic, vented about jaywalking and his bewilderment at religion in a set that was over far too quickly.

The whole evening was a credit to compere and show organiser Wayne Beese.

The Dudley born comic knows how to put on a show and held the night together with ease.

He really got to know the crowd - and boy did we get to know him after he pulled out his old NRA folder and confessed to some rather peculiar interests.

His trip down memory lane had the audience howling as he reminisced about life before the internet and hours spent playing Samantha Fox Strip Poker on the Commodore.

If, like me, you’re eager to get more live comedy in your life, head over to to book your tickets for the next Live at the Civic gig.

It’s a Black Country Day special on July 14 and Wayne will be taking to the stage once more alongside Jonny Cole, Darren Harriott, Mike Crump and Ross Noble.

Only a few tickets, priced £22, are left so snap yours up now!