Blood Brothers – Wolverhampton Grand Theatre


What is it about?

Mrs Johnstone is a working class mum-of-seven, who is already struggling to pay the bills when she finds out she’s pregnant with twins.

She already has her hands full as her husband has traded her in for a younger model so when her boss Mrs Lyons - who can’t have children – suggests she gives one of her babies to her, Mrs Johnstone agrees.

Eddie and Mickey soon become best friends and ‘blood brothers’ but have no idea they are actually related but when the truth comes out, there are devastating consequences.

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What was good about it?

Maureen Nolan was incredible as Mrs Johnstone. Even after all these years, you can feel the raw emotion and the passion she puts into the performance. She steals the show and her vocals were outstanding as she powered through the amusing Marilyn Monroe and the touching Tell Me It’s Not True.

Sean Jones who plays Mickey is also a brilliant actor. He had the audience in hysterics when he stepped on the stage as the seven-year-old (oops I mean nearly eight) and continues to entertain as he portrays the awkward teenage phase and begins “dancing” with his lady Linda.

But Jones also shines when things take a dark turn for Mickey and a spell in prison results in him becoming a depressed pill addict.

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What could have been better?

I’m a huge fan of Marti Pellow (I loved Wet Wet Wet when I was younger and he was great when I saw him as Billy Flynn in Chicago) but his Scouse accent was a bit hit and miss and at times I could not understand what he was saying, which wasn’t good considering he was the Narrator.

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Blood Brothers is running at Wolverhampton’s Grand Theatre until October 31.

Running time: 2 hours, 45 minutes.

Ticket prices start from £19.50 and are available by clicking here.