WHO would have thought the tale of two migrant farm workers and their search for new beginnings could be so touching?

I went through a rollercoaster of emotions watching the John Steinbeck classic Of Mice and Men at Wolverhampton’s Grand Theatre last night.

The simplistic music and set instantly transported the audience into 1930s America and provided the perfect backdrop for the story of George (William Rodell) his companion Lennie (Kristian Phillips) – who turn up at the ranch determined to earn enough money to build a home and “live off the fatta the land”.

George takes it upon himself to take responsibility for his mentally disabled pal, whose incredible strength and lack of understanding lands him in hot water on more than one occasion.

The friendship between the pair is very moving and Rodell and Phillips played the roles with such ease – from the accents to the way they moved across the stage, they were compelling to watch.

Even though I was fully prepared for what was coming (I’ve read the book and watched the film) I still found myself dabbing away tears when Candy’s dog was shot.

Dudley News:

My heart really went out to the old farmhand and Dudley Sutton (best known for playing Tinker in Lovejoy) captured the emotion of the scene beautifully and gave a solid performance throughout.

But while the three main actors really stood out for me, the whole cast must be applauded for a great performance on what was a really enjoyable evening.

Whether you are familiar with the plot or not, this really is a must-see and will run at the theatre until March 12.

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