A DRUNK Netherton woman who made false bomb claims at a bus station has been jailed for eight weeks.

Marie Booth, aged 38, pushed an emergency button to make the call at the station in Walsall and warned there could be an explosion magistrates were told.

But CCTV in the station was being closely monitored and bosses ruled against ordering an evacuation because it was clear she was in an extremely drunken state.

Booth who was with a number of friends had been spotted pressing the helpline button to Centro and when she got an answer she said there was a bomb.

She was then arrested after boarding a bus by police officers and when questioned she maintained she had no recollection at all of the incident.

Maggie Meakin, prosecuting, told the court: "She could not recall the incident in any way but she accepted she had been at the location."

Booth, of Park Road, Netherton, admitted making a bomb hoax call and the magistrates ruled the eight week jail term should run consecutively to a three month jail sentence imposed in Wolverhampton for an unrelated offence.

Stephanie Brownlees, for Booth, told Walsall Magistrates her client had been struggling with an alcohol problem for a number of years.

Miss Brownlees said: "She is extremely ashamed of what she did and she realises the trouble that could have been caused by making such a threat."