A DISABILITY rights campaigner and former Labour Party branch chairman from Netherton has become the latest high-profile UKIP recruit.

Steve Daniels has been selected to fight for the euro-sceptic party in the coming local elections in Netherton where he aims to win a seat on Dudley Council.

He used the announcement of his selection to fire a political broadside at the Labour-run council.

Mr Daniels said: “I have decided to accept the invitation to join UKIP because their values match mine.

“I simply could not just stand and watch this council rip our community apart. I see no justification in attacking services that are paramount in our community including children’s day centres.

“There is no justification to raise rents at a time when people are struggling to pay their bills.

"The cuts to youth centres that are vital to our younger people who have very little amenities are wrong.

“I want to see the wages of overpaid council executives cut and the cost of councillors cut before our services are cut.”

UKIP Halesowen and Dudley chairman Dean Perks said: “It is a pleasure to welcome Steve to UKIP. He joins us as did I from the Labour party where his views could not be aired because of party politics.

“Steve is a strong minded individual who I predict will do very well in UKIP where he will receive full party support in his efforts to help those that live in his community.”

The recruitment of the former football boss, who managed teams including Cradley Town and Bromsgrove Rovers, is more good news for UKIP in Dudley.

They recently instantly became the third largest party group on Dudley Council with two seats after the defection to the party of Tory members Ken and Hazel Turner.

Dudley UKIP regional organiser Bill Etheridge says his party will be going all out to win in Netherton and negotiations are under way which may yet lead to more big-name moves.

He said: “We are going for it and are going to throw all the resources at it that we can.

“We are delighted to welcome Steve to UKIP and the transfer window is still open.”