PROUD Black Country folk are showing they ay bin missin’ out on a wheelie novel idea for brightening up our streets.

Wheelie bin stickers with house numbers featuring the region’s flag are the latest innovation from the man behind the Black Country Festival and he has been inundated with orders.

Artist, singer and songwriter Black Country Gaz is selling the stickers for 99p each on the ebay website and he says his printer has been running non-stop.

Gaz said: “I have just been blown away to sell so many, I only expected to do two or three. The idea just came to me, it just happened and people started saying where do I get that.”

Around 500,000 homes in the Black Country’s four boroughs have a wheelie bin and Gaz, from Pensnett, says in the short time they have been on sale stickers have been ordered by people from around the UK and beyond.

He added: “I’m not sure what I would do if I sold half-a-million, I'd love to see a photo of someone in America with one on their bin as it is waiting to be collected on the sidewalk."

Profits from sales of the stickers will be ploughed back into the month-long festival’s organising group which aims to help, encourage and advise anyone who wishes to put an event on during the Black Country Festival.

The festival will take place throughout July and will include Black Country day on Monday July 14.

Gaz was also quick to dismiss a recent plan to rename his beloved Black Country ‘Greater Birmingham’.

He said: “I laughed when I heard they wanted to call the Black Country ‘Greater Birmingham’, it woe happen aer kid.”

Black Country flags are also available costing £5 from