WEAK13 frontman Nick J Townsend is off to LA at the end of the summer to promote his band and its latest video.

Nick and bandmates Wesley Smith on bass and Neel Parmar on drums have recorded what they believe is their best video yet to accompany their single Joke.

The Black Country grunge rockers won an award at the London Limelight Film & Arts Awards for their 2010 video Wake Down, by film-maker Chris Stone, which saw a Kidderminster field transformed to resemble a First World War battlefield - but they reckon they've outdone themselves with their latest offering.

The three-piece outfit created a replica of the White House press room for the video, starring frontman Nick as president of the USA, which was filmed at Wolverhampton's Lighthouse Centre and Stourbridge recording studio Base Studios in Rufford Road by indie production company 57 Studio.

Nick, who also directed the piece, said not only has the latest video "warranted us a lot of respect from dedicated supporters in the UK" - it has also attracted interest from music sites and critics across the Pond.

He added: "The song and the video are striking a chord with people and all three of us in the band are proud that music publications and writers are taking the music and art we all create seriously. It's a great honour."

Nick, who came up with the idea for the darkly comic video which sees fictitious US president Presley Dent get shot at a press conference, said: "Manufacturing a fake politician and designing a Washington set took a approximately six weeks to plan.

"We filled the video with heavy political satire and did our best to create something unique and realistic looking. Getting all the gags correct took a lot of thinking and preparation but the end result has successfully made a lot of people laugh."

Off the back of the interest in Joke - the dynamic frontman is now planning a promotional trip to Los Angeles, California, in September to showcase the single and video to music contacts.

And in the meantime he hopes the colourful video will encourage other unsigned bands to up the ante and be bold with their visuals.

To watch Joke go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMgG-e0c9IY