Managers at Dudley Council have issued a reminder about rules safeguarding teenage workers during the summer holidays.

During the six-week break many schoolchildren take on jobs to earn money and gain independence.  Staff at the Education Investigation Service at the council are reminding employers, parents and carers of the regulations that exist to make sure that youngsters aren’t exploited.

Councillor Tim Crumpton, cabinet member for children’s services, said:

“I fully support teenagers who choose to have a paid job.  Not only do they learn about the value of money, but the experience also teaches youngsters about what a working environment is like, which is valuable for them.

“It is vital, however, that any hours worked, or type of job a teenager has is legal for their age.  There is a section on our website that outlines to employers what the regulations are and our child employment officer is happy to advise any employer or carer on the requirements.”

Rules that apply include that on Saturdays and school holidays children aged 13 and 14 can work up to five hours a day, with a maximum of 25 hours per week.  Teenagers aged 15 and 16 (if they are still of compulsory school age) can work up to eight hours a day, with a maximum of 35 hours per week.  No more than four hours should be worked without a break and no child may work before 7am or after 7pm.

For a full list of permitted and prohibited employment contact the Education Investigation Service on 01384 814314, or email queries to

Details are also available on Dudley Council’s website at